A flexible modular slat chain conveyor system which can be custom-built according to client's requirements. The easy-assembly and disassembly system allow conveying of materials in any direction: horizontal, and vertical. The conveyor system can be used in most of the industries especially:
~ Food and packaging
~ Bottling and canning
~ Cosmetic and toiletries
~ Medical and pharmaceutical







Table Top Chain Conveyor is:
~ Easy to build
~ Easy to change and modify
~ Modular design
~ Aesthetic look
~ More flexibility
~ Simple and reliable
~ Less maintenance
~ Slat band widths can go up to 600mm
~ Considerable length with just one drive
~ Minimal number of transfers
~ Curves, inclines and straight sections in one conveyor
~ Reversible and Vertical transport
~ High throughput
~ Elimination of bottle neck
~ Compact design
~ Proven reliability
~ Improved handling performance
~ Can be integrated with any of your system